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Auction Bidding and Negotiating

Your secret weapon when buying at auction

Buying at Auction is fast becoming the popular way of securing property in Sydney, and unless you adopt well thought out auction bidding strategies you can come off battered, bruised and second best.

real estate auction bidding inner westBidding at an auction is generally a high-pressure situation that is difficult to manage, especially for those buying their first home; that is why we offer our Auction Bidding service, to be your secret weapon when buying at auction.


“As a Sydney Buyers Agent we have represented hundreds of clients at property auctions, you could say auction bidding is our forte and your competitors worst nightmare! 

We bid and negotiate all the time - we actually love it!”

With Mayfield Property Buyers by your side you can approach auction day with greater confidence knowing that you have a buyers agent to expertly navigate the auction bidding process stopping you from overspending, paying more than the property is worth or more than your budget and financial position allows.

You can imagine when an auction gets heated having us act on your behalf can literally save you tens of thousands of dollars - Check out our testimonials and buyer’s agent reviews.

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Our Auction Bidding Service

When buying your first home, it’s common to feel anxious and a little intimidated by experienced bidders. But with our auction bidding service you can be assured that we know how to buy at auction; and can assist pre- and post-auction day to win your desired property at the right price.

Our auction bidding and negotiation service will relieve you of the pressure that many property buyers experience when buying at auction.

We will deliver you:

  • Our professional property negation skills and tactics
  • Our first class bidding at auction strategies
  • A safety net – safeguarding you from overspending when buying at an auction
  • Expert real estate advice for buyers
  • Buyers advocacy – acting at all times for your best outcome

With our auction bidding service and our affordable buyers agent fees; getting a property negotiator on your team just makes sense!


We would like to thank John very much for his invaluable advice and assistance in helping us secure our family home in Sydney.

He was very attentive and helped us at every point, from locating a suitable area to  finally helping us win at auction, which we were very happy about. As we live in another city in NSW it was a great to have him on board.

Thank you very much!

Allen Chi


If you don’t trust that you can confidently secure your dream property during a property auction isn’t it time you get a Sydney buyers agent on your team? It may just be the difference between winning and losing when auction bidding

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