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Buying an investment property using your Super is about creating additional wealth for a stronger financial future.

using super to buy property in SydneyUsing super to invest in property not only presents savvy investors with a strong investment class but it is also one of the most tax effective ways of increasing your super returns.

In today’s market, using a buyers agent to help navigate the buying process is becoming increasingly popular. Smart investors understand that using an expert will help save them time, money and eliminate stress.

As your buyers advocate Mayfield Property Buyers can work with your accountant or financial adviser to help you secure the right property for your SMSF; a property that will deliver strong returns.

7 reasons why you should choose Mayfield Property Buyers:

  • Independent unbiased advice
  • We do not receive commissions or kickbacks
  • We are not affiliated with any developers or property groups
  • Remove the jargon and property mumbo-jumbo
  • We work alongside your financial advisers and investment team
  • We save you time and money
  • We eliminate the stress and frustration from buying property.

So you can reach your property investment goals sooner.

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Why You Should Consider Buying An Investment Property With Super

Buying investment property using a self-managed super fund, (or SMSF) can be a financially rewarding investment strategy, but just like any investment decision, it requires the expertise and guidance of a team of experts to help pave the way forward, present you with the facts and help you minimise any associated risk.

One of the biggest advantages of buying a property in SMSF is that you will pay less tax.

A self managed super fund is now taxed at a lower tax rate; just 15%. This is lower than the current personal or company tax rates.

Other advantages of using super to buy property include:

  • increased flexibility in choosing a reliable investment, no longer are you restricted to stocks and shares
  • Allows those with limited income or personal savings to invest in property when they may not have been previously able to
  • You can pool your superannuation with other members of your family to enable you to buy an investment property with super
  • Just like buying a home the bank will lend you additional funds to help you invest your super into property
  • Just like an investment property held in your own name buying an investment property with super can be repaid thanks to your tenant
  • The investment property continues to grow and compounds now and until retirement.

Putting that into perspective for a second, utilising property investment to fund your retirement years can potentially mean hundreds of thousands of dollars difference over the course of a decade, which could make a huge difference to your lifestyle and wealth position.

There really is no better way to invest in property than using your own hard earned superannuation funds to work for you, and what better way than investing in a solid and reliable asset class such as property.

Contact us now for professional, unbiased advice about buying investment property in super and learn how using super to buy property can be a wise and financially rewarding choice.

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