What Do They Actually Do?

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Whenever there is a big decision to be made and lots of data and research required around an area that can sometimes be considered confusing and complex we often turn to an expert; a trusted adviser to help take away the confusion and help navigate what can seem like murky or unchartered waters. So when buying property that is what a buyers agent can do for you.

Providing real estate advice for buyers, these advisers play a vital role in your search for property. In fact, if you want to be sure you have all the facts and a true understanding of the property market before investing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars then a buyers advocate will help you to buy better whilst saving you time and money.

The Difference Between Buying and Selling Property

When you look to sell your home you will have a Real Estate Agent acting on your behalf. Their job is simple; it is to get you the highest possible price in the quickest possible time while you sit back and wait for those offers to roll in.

Now the role of the real estate agent is to sell the vendors property as quickly as possible for the highest possible price, yet you want to get your perfect home at the lowest price on the best terms all designed to fit in with your financial, investment and lifestyle goals. So how can a real estate agent have your best interest in heart and have the vendors best interest at heart; it’s easy to see that these that there is a clash here; and at the end of the day the vendors wishes will always win as they are the ones who pay the real estate agent.

How A Buyer’s Agent Sydney Fits Into The Process

The buying process is completely different. As a property buyer, there are hundreds of properties to review and this is just at the beginning of your search when you start looking online, let alone making the time to go to countless open homes and property inspections. To say that it is time-consuming is an understatement!

Trying to fit your property search in around your job, the kids and your everyday life it can become really stressful and you can start to feel overwhelmed.

You then have multiple real estate agents that you need to liaise with and they are all telling you something different and all applying pressure as each and every one of them want to get their listed properties sold fast; and well who could blame them

But how can you know who to trust, who to listen to? A buyers agent is your answer.

A property buyers agent will do all the grunt work for you. They can help you whether you are:

  • buying a first home
  • buying an investment property
  • buying at auction, or
  • looking to downsize from your family home into something more manageable.

Private House Sales

Sydney Buyers agents live and breathe property. This means that they will have access to information you will not. They will be able to provide accurate advice related to current housing trends and identify percolating hotspots right down to a local or mico-level even before the broader community has identified them. With a large network, they will be able to able to utilize industry contacts to locate private property sales or off-market private listings that never get listed on your real estate websites.

Access to private house sales means that you have less competition and the opportunity to purchase your dream house at a lower price or under better buying terms.
Such access alone can potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars, and less competition can mean lower stress levels too!

Buyer Advocacy Services

A buyer’s agent in Sydney can typically help you with these four main areas:

Property Search and Selection

real estate advice for buyers inner westThe buyers agent will spend time seeking properties for you to choose from. They will use your specific requirements and guidelines to model their search and will only present you with properties that match your requested criteria. This saves you time and worry knowing someone else is taking on this huge task or having to sift through hundreds of property listings.

Property Appraisal

Additional real estate advice for buyers comes from the professional and unbiased assessment of knowing a property’s true value. Not only do they have access to industry analysis tools and research data they do not let emotion or ‘pretty’ aesthetics cloud their judgement. They are driven by the facts and the data. This unbiased, detached approach ensures you don’t over pay or succumb to slick sales or marketing tactics.

Bidding at Auction

There is a specific art to buying at auctions. Let’s face it house auctions are fast paced and stressful and when you are in a pressure cooker situation it can be very easy to find yourself paying more for a property than its worth. By removing emotion from the bidding arena, a property buying Agent will provide you with insight into how to buy at an auction and expertly guide you through the process both in the lead up to auction day and beyond. Having a buyers advocate by your side really can be your secret weapon to securing that property when bidding at an auction.

Property Negotiation

Whether you have sourced the property yourself or the agent has, negotiating a property is when you need to be cool calm and collected. A buyer’s agent brings tons of experience to the table are they well versed in how to handle the art of property negotiation. As you advocate they will work on your behalf to secure your home or investment property at a price and with conditions that work in your favour; so that everyone involved in the property transaction feels like it’s a win-win outcome.

How Mayfield Property Buyers Can Help

Mayfield Property Buyers work exclusively for you. Our goal is to save you time, money, stress and frustration when it comes to the house buying process. No matter if you are buying a first home or building your property portfolio, our transparent services and fixed fee structure ensures that whether you are needing a little or a lot of help, our expertise will surely make property buying an exciting, positive and profitable experience again.

Contact Mayfield Property Buyers today for an obligation free consultation and discover for yourself how a buyers agent can help you.

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