Buying An Investment Property With A Buyer’s Agent

John Carew

Buying investment property is not the same as buying a family home. Often when you purchase a home you are more likely looking at settling down, maybe planning for the future by adding to your family and having your own home can provide you with a greater sense of security. When making a property purchase for investment purposes, the goals are different as they are often more focused on the numbers, and this is where a buyer’s advocate can be your best ally.

Investment Property Goals

Buying An Investment Property With A Buyer’s Agent

A buyer’s agent can assist you in making the best decisions when buying an investment property.

A property buyer can provide you with independent and professional advice. By understanding your needs and what you intend to use the investment property for, the real estate buyers agent can assist you in making an informed decision. Regardless of whether you are an experienced investor or a first-timer, the advice is unbiased and intended to help you with your purchase.

Investment property is often purchased with the aim to provide positive cash flow in a property owner’s portfolio. Finding the right property at a good price in a location with potential growth is important. The property is then held until the market improves to produce an increase in value, or possibly flipped to make a quick profit, often after renovations which increase the value of the property.

Whatever the reason you are looking at buying an investment property, using a buyer’s agent will ensure you will have access to insider market information. Buying an investment property requires knowledge on such things as where strong capital growth exists and is expected, what areas are showing positive buying/selling trends, and where you can benefit most in the process.

How They Do It

A property buyer’s agent knows the market they service. They have access to insider knowledge, property connections and conduct extensive research. Combined with their buying experience and excellent negotiation skills, a real estate buyers agent will not only save you time but they will save you money as well. Because of their expertise, you can invest with confidence knowing you have the best information available.

Essentially they remove the guesswork, answering all the questions an investor needs answered, in an unbiased manner. If you are looking for an investment that produces capital growth, an increase in cash flow and positive equity gains, a professional property buyer can help. They will work with you and your advisors, financial planner and accountant for the best result to fit your specific situation.

As the real estate market is complex, a property buyer’s agent can sort through all the data and details. They can determine when a property is below market value and identify hot spots and developing trends which can result in gains and growth. They will assist you with this knowledge, as well as educate you on when and where you can benefit most by investing.

Another advantage to using a buyer’s advocate when purchasing an investment property comes from the Australian government. The fees you spend in using one in locating, bidding and securing a new investment property may be tax deductible. This makes using the services of a buying agent one of the best investments you can make in the real estate market.

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