Let’s discuss one of the biggest decisions in one’s life today, purchasing property. Daunting, stressful and somewhat intimidating, purchasing property is a process which if treated lightly, can throw some major life consuming curveballs.

In 2014, Mayfield Property Buyers noticed an absence in the delivery of the process, which often left the buyer fending for themselves amongst multiple parties including both the seller and also the selling agent.

Therefore, a service was introduced which was designed to manage the risks, minimise all buying concerns and ultimately place the process in the hands of professionals from the first initial meeting, till the keys were placed in hand.

The beauty of this service is Mayfield Property Buyers isn’t just made up of one individual, it comes with many and we’d like you to know our team are there for you in every way possible. We really do pride ourselves on our integrity and overall want to drive your best interests to a desired outcome. Our process is very straight forward and direct, with honesty very much at the core of what we do. Whether your chasing a long-term property goal or a short term win, we know our expertise will steer you in the right direction.

F U L L   S E R V I C E

Let us use our decades of experience, industry knowledge and local contacts to help define your brief, shortlist properties, and finalise the deal.

Starting From $19,800.

A P P R A I S E   &   N E G O T I A T E

Comfortable to do the property shortlisting yourself, but want help to evaluate and secure the right one? Our appraise & negotiate service is right for you.

Starting From $11,500.

A U C T I O N   B I D D I N G

Comfortable with the full process, but want an expert to bid at auction for you to remove the emotion and ensure you don't overpay? We can help.

Starting From $1,100.