Buying Your First Home

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Buying your First Home

Buying your first home can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you are time-poor with little real estate market knowledge. There are numerous considerations when looking to buy your first home including affordability, organising finance, market knowledge, and the entire purchasing process. Mayfield Property Buyers understands how confusing, stressful and time consuming this process can be.

We have built a team of property professionals who are experienced in helping first time home buyers navigate these challenges, informing and educating you along the way, ensuring you not only achieve the outcome you're after, but that you walk away with a higher level of understanding and education about purchasing property.

Mayfield Property Buyers is able to source, negotiate and secure your first home. We apply our extensive property buying experience to find the right property within your budget and to suit your requirements by:


  • Sparing you the real estate jargon
  • Eliminating time-wasting and the disheartening process of trailing through every property listing
  • Consulting with vendors and real estate agents your behalf
  • Negotiating to secure the best price
  • Providing current real estate advice for buyers
  • Accessing off-market listings and private property sales
  • Liaising with your financial adviser and solicitor as necessary
  • Providing you with open communication with honesty and transparency
  • Navigating agents sales tactics
  • Examining numerous properties to determine a property's real value
  • Arm you with the knowledge to make the best decision for you and your family based on your budget and financial goals
  • Partnering with you throughout the process and representing your interests.

How we can help



We listen to you to understand your goals and objectives.



We locate the right property for your requirements.



We negotitae the best possible deal for you.



We guide you through the buying process.



We support you every step of the way.


We are very excited to have moved into our new home last week and wanted to say thank you for the very large part you played in the home buying process for us.

We were a little apprehensive about using a buyers agent given we didn't really understand the value proposition but after a few failed auction attempts a colleague referred us to you and we were absolutely delighted with your service.

Karen and Jason

Following our talk with John we were impressed with his knowledge, empathy and understanding of the property market....  John took the time to investigate each property and informed us on every detail. He negotiated on our behalf to get the best outcome, making sure that we were happy and the property met our needs.

Vuko Tomasevic

Being from overseas, we found the Sydney property market to be very different to what we were used to...

Knowing that we were going to make a significant investment for our first family home in Sydney, we decided to hire expert advice. John structured an offer in a way we couldn’t believe, helping us save a significant amount of money.

Thank you so much John for walking the extra mile with us!

Hector Teran

We were fortunate to meet and engage John early in our apartment hunting process and straight away we were impressed by his professionalism, experience and contacts with the local market...

The end the result was absolutely fantastic, we were able to complete the purchase of our new home while feeling confident and comfortable we made the right choice.

We were lucky to have John on our team!

Galit Alon

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