Buying Your Home Using A Buyer’s Advocate

John Carew

A buyer’s agent is a licensed professional that works independently on your behalf. They do not sell real estate but specialise in finding the right property for private house sales. They do this by searching the market, evaluating the potential growth in the property based on market trends and then will negotiate the best possible purchase price for a buyer.

Why Use One During The House Buying Process

Buying Your Home Using A Buyer’s Advocate

A buyers advocate makes buying your home a great experience as they use their market knowledge and property connections to benefit you.

Buyer’s agents have access to listings that are not advertised which means they have a larger inventory to draw from. Plus, they have a network of connections that provide inside information before it becomes widely known in the market. What this does is saves you a tremendous amount of time searching through listings yourself and going to countless open homes.

They also have the investing know-how to make your buying first home experience a positive one. Add this to the amount of time a buyer’s advocate will save you, as they examine the market looking for a suitable home that suits your needs and you can’t go wrong. By doing all the homework for you, they reduce your stress and save you money.

As you will very likely have little knowledge or skill in bidding at auction or negotiating property, a buyer’s agent brings these skills to the table. Their extensive experience in this will ensure you will end up with the best home; at the best possible price available. This makes buying your home simple, and free from the pressures of dealing with a real estate agent.

It Should Not Be A Nightmare

Buying your dream home is going to take time and careful consideration. It should not be a nightmare filled with worries and deadlines that are unreasonable. A property buyers agent will work out all the final details and ensure the timelines are reasonable. That’s because they solely represent you and not the property seller.

Don’t get trapped by falling for tricks and gimmicks that real estate agents use to get more money out of you. They know what to say and what to do to pressure you into making a bad decision. A property buying advocate can identify the ploys and sales tactics and represent you so you don’t need to be exposed to the tricks, the pressure, or possibly be influenced by them.

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We use our extensive experience in the market along with our data analysis of existing and emerging trends to identify the best location for you. Buying your first family home is a huge commitment. Let the professionals at Mayfield Property Buyers assist you by finding and securing you the right property, and at the same time taking out the stress and hassle.

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