How To Find The Best Waterfront Property For Sale In Sydney

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There are various reasons why waterfront property is the most sought after in the real estate market. It provides beautiful views, is calming, gives you year round access to boating and water sports not to mention will always deliver a return on your investment. With so many benefits it is easy to see why owning a waterfront property is a goal for many property buyers.

It is also because of these reasons that waterfront property is the most expensive type of real estate. In fact, in most cases, the closer the proximity of the property to water, the more it is going to cost. And with a limited supply, prices do not look like dropping anytime soon. This is why waterfront property is a long-term investment for many buyers.

What Are The Types of Waterfront Properties?

There are several different types of waterfront homes for sale. They include the following:

Marina Berths

Inner West waterfront property sydney

Waterfront property views are often spectacular and are preferred by most if you are after a relaxing lifestyle.

This would be a home situated on the shore with a personal jetty, boat shed, and ramp. As you can imagine, this type of waterfront real estate will be one of the most expensive on the market. If you are a boat owner and would prefer to moor it on your own property rather than renting a mooring at a commercial marina, this will be the type of property that would best suit your need.

Since these are only a small subset of the waterfront properties available, this limited supply means that many people consider marina berth properties good investment options. They are unique in many ways, and as such can come at a premium.

Beachfront or Habourfront

As the name suggests, this is a property where your home has its own beach or waterfront. Absolute waterfront property views are often spectacular and if you are after a relaxing lifestyle, nothing beats sitting on the beach just steps from your back door. While these properties may not be as expensive as marina berths, there is still a very limited supply.

Due to this fact, any homes with beachfront or harbourfront access are in high demand. Because of the increasing value of such a property, they tend to rarely be listed on the open market. But when they do, they can go quickly. This is why it is important to have a professional property buyer working for you to watch this market and open up your access to silent or off-market listings via their extensive networks.

Apartments and Units

Since apartments are generally higher than free-standing houses, they have the benefit of being able to be set back a bit from the water’s edge and still have excellent water views. However, there are many waterfront apartments in Sydney that are located right on the water’s edge too.

Depending on your circumstances, these smaller property options are perfect for first home buyers, investors, retirees or those who are downsizing. You can still have the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of with a stunning view of the harbour from the balcony or living areas; without paying the premium a waterfront property commands.

Finding Waterfront Properties For Sale

Sydney Harbour property

It is best to work with the buyers agents if you are looking for waterfront real estate in the Sydney.

If you are looking for a waterfront property in Sydney, you can spend hours and hours searching through online listings on the websites of countless real estate agents. Or you could save yourself a lot of work and use the services of a property buyers agent. They can save you a lot of the time and hassle required in searching for a property, making the property search so much easier for you.

A buyers agent has access to all the real estate agents you will find online. Plus, they have access to many properties that are not even advertised to the general public. In other words, a buyers agent has the added advantage of being able to find you a waterfront property for sale in Sydney that you could not locate with your own search efforts.

Buyers Agents Work For You

The best part about employing the services of a buyers agent is that they are working for you and not the seller (vendor). As a result, you have a property expert working on your behalf that can find and negotiate the best possible deal for you. They can even attend an auction and bid on your behalf.

If you are looking for waterfront real estate in the Sydney area, your best bet is to work with the buyers agents at Mayfield Property Buyers. Contact us for a no obligation chat today.

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