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Leichhardt, Tebbutt St

Tebbutt St, Leichhardt

Not only did we secure the property at a great price but we also helped them get an excellent property manager...

Our clients weren’t quite ready to buy their own property but were looking to keep up with the Sydney property market so wanted to find a good investment property that would provide them both excellent yield and capital growth.

They had been previously looking for almost 2 years but weren’t really sure on what would work as an investment and had been mucked around by many real estate agents to the point of becoming despondent.

Having been out of the property game for quite a while the pace of the market had caught them out and they had missed out on a number of properties. Being a busy family with two young children they also physically didn’t have the opportunity to see many properties until it was too late and certainly didn’t have time to source properties before they came onto the market.

I was able to steer my clients through the journey and we quickly narrowed the search area. We were then able to negotiate a great price for our client to secure the property after it had previously passed in at auction.

Not only did we secure the property at a great price but we have also helped them get an excellent property manager who leased it out on first inspection.

I think the clients were just relieved to be back in the market knowing that they got an excellent buy… and have their weekends back!

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