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Property Appraisal and Negotiation Services

Mayfield Property Buyers – Your expert property negotiator and appraiser

buyers advocate property negotiation in nswBuying a home is likely to be the most significant financial investments you will ever make in your life.

Many leave it up to chance, but smart property buyers engage a Sydney Buyers advocate to minimise the risk and negotiate the property purchase on their behalf.

Mayfield Property buyers have been helping clients determine a property's true worth; and potential returns via our property appraisal and negotiation services for over 10 years.

Let me ask you:

  • Do you really know what the true value of a property is?
  • Are you certain that you are not overpaying?
  • Can you confidently negotiate your next property purchase?
  • Do you know when to walk away and move on?
  • Do you have the expertise to see through high pressured sales tactics used by real estate agents?

Negotiation is an art, a skill that we have nurtured to enable us to successfully secure properties below market value. It is why many of our clients return to us to time and time again to assist them with buying investment properties or when next buying a home.

The investment we made with John's firm was worth every dollar. He took the time to understand our preferences and family needs. Based on this information and knowing our budget constraints, he provided a list of properties suited for our needs. Once we found the property we liked the most, John structured an offer in a way we couldn’t believe, helping us save a significant amount of money.

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Successful property buying is achieved when you know the facts and can confidently negotiate without allowing your nerves and emotions cloud your judgement.

With our 100% satisfaction service guarantee why not put Mayfield Property Buyers to the test. Let us save you time and save you money. Call us today for a confidential discussion.

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Get a Buyers Advocate to negotiate for you

As property negotiators we act for you and you alone.

  • When we negotiate we do so as though it was our own money on the line
  • Providing unbiased, personalised support that comes from understanding your individual circumstances and conducting detailed analysis of each and every property
  • We empower our clients to make smarter decisions by presenting you with up to the minute facts gained from being active in the Inner West, Upper & Lower North Shore, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs and Hunters Hill areas of Sydney
  • We will work with you and have your best interests at the forefront of every property decision made.

With our property buying and negotiation services we help our clients to:

Save Time

The Sydney property market is fast paced and very competitive with property prices having moved significantly these past few years, but that doesn’t mean you need to make a hasty decision. That’s where we give you back your time and eliminate some of the frustration by helping you clearly access and appraise a property, putting you in a much better position to negotiate and get the deal done.

Save Money

Most buyers overspend when buying a property at auction. Many typically end up paying more than the property is worth due to emotions running high and being under pressure.

Eliminate Stress And Overwhelm

For most people, buying a property (home or investment) creates unimaginable stress in their lives. When you don’t have an adviser or someone on your team to trust having to deal with multiple agents and their sales tactics can become very overwhelming and confusing.

Cut Through The ’Noise’

By providing you unbiased information so you can truly understand a properties true value, and put you in a better position to make an informed decision so that you can choose to move forward or walk away.

Confidently Move Forward With Buying A Home

We will work hard to negotiate the price and property terms on your behalf.

Our aim is that you don’t spend a dollar more than is required. We want you to secure your dream home at the right price and under the right circumstances.

Call John from Mayfield Property Buyers today for a confidential discussion about our buyers advocacy and property negotiation services; with our expertise as property negotiators we are confident we can save you money.

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Do you have the time and expertise to do it all yourself? We do!