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Trafalgar Lane Annandale

Trafalgar Lane Annandale

Busy executive secures off market property after 12 months of heartache, and is pleased to have his weekends back!

Robert is a busy professional who had been looking for property for over 12 months when he was referred to me via his sister in law (who I purchased a property for in 2015).

Robert was looking for an executive style home that would require minimal maintenance but had plenty of space to accommodate a home office, guests and indoor / outdoor entertaining.

While initially looking for properties on his own for over 12 months Robert had probably cast the net too wide and hadn’t really been able to focus on the right areas; as such he was spending just about every weekend looking at ‘potential properties’ within the Inner West, Sydney that had good proximity to shops and a café,  village like feel.

Robert had a good idea of the type of property he was looking for but hadn’t really narrowed down the area and also wasn’t confident in assessing the true market value of a property.

These factors caused a lot of uncertainty which made it difficult for him to move forward.

After a detailed meeting of understanding Robert’s needs and learning about the properties he had inspected; discussing the pros & cons of each we were then able to develop a suitable search strategy; a plan to move forward with.

Through my extensive network of agent relationships across the Inner West I was quickly able to locate an off market property Annandale that fitted the brief perfectly.

Space, great location combined with architectural flair.

After viewing the property we completed the necessary due diligence and Robert secured the property without any on-market competition.

Robert has happily settled into his new Annandale home and he advises me he is ‘super happy’ to have his weekends back!

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