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Ti Tree Crescent Berowra

Ti Tree Crescent Berowra

Large Family Home Secured In Just 10 days

Naomi had been actively looking for family home for almost 10 months when she got in touch with me. After missing out on a number of properties she decided she needed some professional help.

Naomi had 3 young boys who were growing up fast; and needed more space for her family. Naomi already lived in the Upper North Shore and was looking to stay within the area.

Like a number of property buyers the challenges Naomi faced were centred around figuring out what she actually wanted; and then knowing what the property was worth to be able to make the right offer and secure it under the best terms.

After quickly determining Naomi’s brief I had a very clear idea on what would work for her and her family. Together we identified 3 target properties and after viewing them we moved forward very quickly on her preferred property.

This occurred during December in the lead up to Christmas so we needed to move fast if we were to secure it before it was publicly listed and before it’s marketing campaign was underway.

This strategy meant that Naomi avoided the extra competition that would come from a strong marketing campaign in the New Year, allowing us to secure the property at a great price.

It only took 10 days for us to exchange on a property for Naomi; which after 10 months of looking she was super happy about.

But this transaction was even better for Naomi; as she had only recently sold her existing property prior to engaging me. As part of the negotiation process I lined up for the settlements to occur simultaneously so she would only have to move once, which is a blessing to any mother with 3 boys!

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