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Harmston Avenue Frenchs Forest

Harmston Avenue Frenchs Forest

We were able to secure the property well within their budget and under the reserve...

Shane and Amanda were looking to upgrade from their apartment in Roseville to a larger property in the northern beaches. They were both extremely busy and had heard many horror stories about people missing out on multiple properties and taking 6-9 months to buy.

Shane and Amanda love entertaining, and having a really big open kitchen and an entertaining area was really important for them. They really liked the North Shore being based in Roseville but realised with their budget that they were unlikely to get the space/quality of property along the train line so were open to the Northern Beaches area.

Shane and Amanda did have some time pressure as when I first met them their property was about to go on the market. Given this, we had a limited window in which to buy in order to avoid them having to move twice.

Within a couple of weeks (during their sales campaign) we were able to view a number of properties with Shane and Amanda. We were quickly able to refine their brief and it became very clear what the key must-haves were for them. With our connections with many agents across their search area, we were also able to show them a number of off-market properties.

When Shane and Amanda sold their property we had 2-3 live options from which to move quickly. The No 1 preference was actually going to auction 3 days after they sold and given the timing, I advised them it was best to purchase the property via auction. We were able to secure the property well within their budget and under the reserve which they were ecstatic about.

Shane and Amanda were so busy that they weren’t able to even make the auction as they were at a party and had me on the phone. They were super excited and we even managed to line up the settlements so they occurred on the same day and they didn’t need to move twice.

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