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Joubert St Hunters Hill


Dennis and Alison has been living in Hunters Hill already for over 10 years. They had a very large family home and with the children now moved out the house was simply to big for their needs.

The clients had a lovely home in Hunters Hill but no longer needed all the space (and maintenance that goes with it). They didn’t want to move to far as they had a great circle of family and friends across the lower north shore and inner west. They were pretty nervous about the whole process as selling the family home was a major decision and given they hadn’t purchased a property for a long time were nervous about this also… particularly the negotiation/auction process.

The clients had the challenge of both selling their long held family home and downsizing within a very fast moving market.

I took the time to understand their brief and quickly got in touch with agents across their search area. Having so many agent contacts really helped with this one as stock was extremely limited at the time.

We were able to locate a beautiful smaller house within Hunters Hill that was absolutely perfect for their needs. It had plenty of space and the quality of finishes was fantastic…but the block was much smaller and more manageable.

To make things easier we had both co-ordinated their settlements to they didn’t have to move twice… again showing everything is negotiable when it comes to property!

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