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Mackenzie St Leichhardt

Mackenzie St Leichhardt

Busy executives with young family and no time

Gordon and Bele had recently sold the family home in Birchgrove and were looking for another property within the inner west. They were ideally looking for something they could add value to but wouldn’t need to change their lifestyle.

With a couple of young children and both working in extremely busy roles they realised the value in bringing an expert on their side. The purchase needed to be a dual one that could work for a family home but also would provide significant upside returns once renovated.

Their main challenge is they didn’t have the time to find/look for properties. In addition, there was very limited choice across the inner west. They were also very conscious about paying at or below fair market value as they had seen first hand through the sale how robust the market was.

I really took the time to understand their brief and having two young children myself I found I could really relate to their brief. As part of my research process I found a fantastic warehouse conversion warehouse In Leichhardt. Warehouses across the inner west are extremely rare and the renovation potential with this one provided significant upside to the return on investment.

We were able to secure the property prior to auction for a fantastic price.

After exchanging a few more stories the client and I realised we attended the same school together at Stanmore… small world!

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