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Buyers Agent Fees And Packages

What You Need To Know

Mayfield Property Buyers believe in providing affordable services to our clients.

Buying a property is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make so we understand that every dollar counts; that is why our buyers agent fees our based on a fixed fee model for our services.

With our fixed fee structure you know the investment you are making upfront when you engage us as your Buyers agent. That way there are no hidden surprises.

  • Mayfield Property Buyers are buyers advocates; everything we do is about supporting and advocating for you - the property buyer
  • Unlike real estate agents we are not paid a commission and are not incentivised to push the price up
  • As a property negotiator we act for you the buyer to negotiate a better deal
  • Our small fee often pales in comparison to the money that we save you
  • Our goal is to deliver you the right property, at the right price whilst saving you time and money.

Why not have a property buyer advocating for you! Learn more about our various services and packages and our 100% satisfaction guarantee below.

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Our Buyers Agent Packages

We understand that people are individual and so are their needs

Our clients range from busy professionals looking to add another investment property to their portfolio or excited newbies looking to buy first home.

As your buyers advocate, we offer a range of services to help you with your property purchase; whether you need a little or a lot.

Complete Package

Services include...

Gather buyers brief
Research & locate

From $10,000

Appraise & Negotiate

Services include...

Client locates property
We appraise and evaluate properties

From $6,000

Auction Bidding

Services include...

Client locates property
We bid on the client's behalf

From $500

Understanding the Sydney market will help you secure your dream.

As a Sydney Buyers Advocate it is not uncommon for many properties to now be sold under auction conditions so our appraisal and negotiation package or Auction Bidding package may be best suited to your needs.

Our packages include:

  • Comprehensive Search and Negotiation – Complete Service from start to finish
  • Appraise and Negotiation – Access our expert appraisal services and let us negotiate it to get it across the line
  • Auction Bidding – We are property negotiators; your secret weapon for winning your property on Auction day
  • Vendor advisory – For those wanting advice on how to sell your house.

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Comprehensive Search and Negotiation

Comprehensive Search and Negotiation Package - A buyers agent by your side

This package includes everything you would want from a buyers advocate.We take care of everything from beginning to end, ensuring that once that property has been purchased the property settlement is just as smooth and hassle free We take care of the entire property buying process, guiding you through an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

The Brief

We take a comprehensive brief from you. You tell us exactly what you want, your priorities and an outline of your budget details. As your buyers advocate we discuss everything from the particulars of the house you prefer, to proximity to work, schools, and lifestyle and amenities. With your Wishlist in hand we create your brief and go to market

The Search

Searching for the right property is time consuming, tedious process that can often stretch out over months, for some even years. As your buyers agent let us search and select the most suitable and appropriate homes; this service gives you back your time and weekends.

We can inspect properties on your behalf, presenting only those that meet your personal and financial goals. your criteria, combined with some unexpected surprises. Sometimes your dream home is unknowingly located in a suburb close-by.

The Review

We compile a short-list of homes fitting your brief. You can then select as many likely contenders as you please for final inspection.

The Inspection

Inspecting the home/s releases an emotional wave, giving you a first-hand feel for the property. For overseas buyers we can do the inspection for you – we can even dial you in via Skype so you can do a walk-around with us.

The Negotiation

Once you have agreed upon which property is the best for you, we then roll up our sleeves and get serious about securing it for you. We do a full appraisal to progress towards buying your home for the lowest possible price, and with the terms to suit.

If the property is already on the open market, we devise a strategy on how to buy it prior to auction, set our budget for auction day or determine how best  to negotiate afterwards. We want a “win-win” situation for all parties, retaining you as a client for life.

After exchange

We follow you through to settlement, arranging inspections and quotes for tenants, answering questions and gathering information. We offer a full service from beginning to end, maintaining an amazing experience you cannot wait to share with friends and family.

Appraise and Negotiate
Auction Bidding

"John was instrumental in getting us our ideal property. It was great to be able to trust John's ability to manage the appraisal, due diligence and execution processes. In addition to that, he even managed to negotiate an offer prior to auction in very challenging market conditions!"

Rui Rodrigues


Mayfield Property Buyers Satisfaction Guarantee

Buyers Agent Fees - Guarantee

satisfaction guaranteeWhy not put us to the test. We are so confident in our services we offer a 7 day guarantee. Engage us as your buyers advocate and let us show you how we can help you save time, save money and eliminate some of the stress and anxiety that comes from property buying.

If after 7 days you are not 100% satisfied with our service we will graciously refund the buyers agent fee paid for our retained services.

How Our Buyers Agent Fees and Agreement Works

After a free consultation to determine your needs; you will select the service that you feel most comfortable with based on what stage of the property buying process you are currently at.

You agree to our buyers agent fees and pay a small retainer so we can get started working as your Buyers Advocate.

Our buyers agent fees comprise of:

  • A Retainer - covering our initial costs, and payable once both parties a have signed an Agency Agreement.
  • A Success Fee payable once contracts have been exchanged on your property.

Why not put us to the test we our so confident in our services that is why we offer a 7 day guarantee.

Get in touch with us today to discuss our buyers agent fees further, or if you have any other questions regarding how we can help you eliminate some of the stress whilst saving you time and money.

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Do you have the time and expertise to do it all yourself? We do!