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Buying an Investment Property

Saving you time and money when buying your next investment

buying an investment property sydneyBuying investment property is a mammoth decision.

Unlike buying a home, buying an investment property requires a different strategy; that is why having a team of trusted advisors is so important to helping you make smarter decisions – the right decision for your financial future.

As avid investors ourselves Mayfield Property Buyers understand that buying an investment property is about creating a pathway; it’s about building a future and a legacy.

It’s about creating choices and giving you freedom.

But to do so you need to have a plan and strategy to ensure that you’re financial goals are met.


Looking to build wealth through buying an investment property?

Make smarter decisions when buying your next investment property, with a buyers advocate by your side.


As a buyers advocate we know how important it is to ensure that you understand the local market conditions, the true value of a property and that when you buy property, that you see a return on your initial investment.

Unlike buying a home there is little room for sentimental value; it’s all about:

  • the facts
  • the numbers, and
  • the returns.

Above all it’s about ensuring that buying investment property fits with your personal wealth creation strategy. For some of our clients this may be using their superannuation or SMSF.

That’s the difference between buying a home and buying investment properties that deliver financial returns; today and for the years ahead.

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Do you have the time and expertise to do it all yourself? We do!

How does a professional property buyer assist with the process?

As a buyers advocate in Sydney, we develop an effective strategy to help you move closer towards securing your future, and we work with your trusted partners to bring this altogether.

We understand that, unlike buying your family home which can often be driven by emotions, buying an investment property should be driven by returns.

Unless you’re a regular property buyer inspecting multiple properties daily, it’s extremely difficult to estimate a property’s true value and potential.

Let’s minimise the risk... here are 3 services how we can help:

  • Comprehensive Search and Negotiation – The complete ‘done for you’ service
  • Appraise and Negotiation – Requiring an expert opinion or advice on pre-shortlisted properties
  • Auction Bidding – Attending on auction day.

View our packages and 100% satisfaction guarantee here.

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Do you have the time and expertise to do it all yourself? We do!

We specialise in the Sydney property market

Mayfield Property Buyers spend the time reviewing and analysing hundreds of properties. By accessing tools and economic data, it equips us with the knowledge and know-how of determining a property’s true value today, and its possible returns in the future. This coupled with our presence and active property buying in the Inner West, North Shore, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs and Hunters Hill areas affords us an intimate knowledge of these areas unlike any other buyers agent.

That’s where our property advisory service delivers! Click here to learn more about our buyers agent packages.


Buying an investment property is not a decision that is made lightly.

Mayfield Property Buyers director, John Carew, has personally bought and sold hundreds of properties. With over 10 years’ experience in Sydney real estate, this is why he is one of the best buyers agents in Sydney.

Our successful record in buying investment properties is why many of our clients return again and again, as they continue to make smart property decisions to help build their property portfolios.

For more detailed information, make sure that you check out one of our recent investment property purchase case studies for one of our clients in Gladesville. Click here for more information.

We value our client relationships, and once engaged as your buyers advocate we will work hard to make the process of buying an investment property rewarding and hassle free.

So if you’re looking at buying an investment property, be sure to contact Mayfield Property Buyers for a free no obligation consultation and discover how we can help you secure the right property for your investment strategy.

Use your time wisely and make smarter investment decisions. Choose Mayfield Property Buyers.

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Ready to find out more? Get started today!

Do you have the time and expertise to do it all yourself? We do!